FraudWelcome to iFraud.com, your guide to Internet and computer fraud!
In today’s age, when people all over the world can access information, send data, and communicate with each other in mere seconds through the Internet, fraud has become an important issue, as the Internet itself is particularly conducive to fraudulent activities.

There are millions of users who are uninformed and unassuming, and can easily be scammed out of their money by online criminals, even through fairly simple online scams. Information stored on computer systems is never totally safe–even the most secure networks and computers can get hacked, and data stolen, with substantial material loss.

On this website, you will learn about some of the different methods that criminals use to perpetrate Internet fraud, and you can familiarize yourself with the difference between Internet fraud and computer fraud, identity theft and identity fraud, and you’ll also find some useful resources to help you identify and report suspected Internet fraud and computer crime to the authorities, so that proper action can be taken.

Although you will find some important and relevant information here to keep you informed about the dangers of cybercrime, you must also be aware of the fact that the exact methods of online and computer fraud change and evolve fairly quickly. Cybercriminals are as innovative as those trying to fight them and prevent their crimes. So learning about Internet fraud and computer fraud is a long-term process, if you really want to be secure from such activities.